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Fire Suppression Systems

The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood. Greenheck has a variety of factory pre-piped fire protection systems available from the two leading manufacturers, Amerex® and Ansul®. Greenheck’s fire suppression systems fall under these three categories: Appliance Specific; Full Flood/Overlapping and Dual Agent. All systems use a wet chemical to suppress fire and are a automatic, pre-engineered systems, designed to protect ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, filters and cooking equipment.

Wet Chemical

  • Wet chemical fire suppression systems use a potassium based chemical suppressing agent
  • The agent is discharged over the entire cooking battery and reacts with hot grease to form a blanket of foam in a process called saponification that seals the hazard depriving the fire of oxygen
  • Once activated, the system discharges the wet chemical through all nozzles simultaneously

Dual Agent

  • Dual agent fire suppression systems uses both wet chemical and water to suppress the fire
  • Similar to the other systems, a wet chemical agent is used to blanket the fire with foam followed by water to cool the hazard and rejuvenate the foam blanket
  • By cooling the area the chance of a re-flash is reduced

Appliance Specific

Appliance Specific fire suppression is a wet chemical system to be used when the equipment placement is known. Greenheck uses the Ansul® R-102™ or Amerex® KP™ systems when appliance specific fire suppression is specified.

Amerex KP

  • Wet chemical
  • UL Listed
  • Pre-pressurized tanks
  • Up to 110 flow points
  • Fusible link or pneumatic tubing detection

Ansul R-102

  • Wet chemical
  • UL Listed
  • Up to 66 flow points
  • Fusible link detection

Full Flood/Overlapping

Greenheck uses the Amerex® Zone Defense™ and Ansul® R-102 Full Flood/Overlapping fire suppression systems. The full flood/overlapping restaurant fire suppression systems were developed to solve the real world problem of how to protect a kitchen where the appliances are moved around, rolled in and out for cleaning, or replaced with different appliances to accommodate changing menus. These systems are also cost effective where there is a lot of protection needed.

Amerex Zone Defense

  • Wet chemical
  • UL Listed
  • Flexibility through un-dedicated nozzles
  • Flexibility is in the zone of protection where overlapping spray from multiple nozzles creates an area that is totally flooded by wet chemical agent
  • Pneumatic tubing detection
  • Pneumatic Release Module (PRM) acts as the control center by interfacing with mechanical manual pull station(s), actuation networks, mechanical gas valves and electrical contacts for shutdown functions
  • Remote manual pull stations is a device that can be used to manually activate the system

Ansul R-102 Fullflood/Overlapping

  • Wet chemical
  • UL Listed
  • Flexibility through un-dedicated nozzles
  • Provides a virtual zone of protection where appliances of various types and sizes are protected by an overlapping wet chemical spray
  • Nozzles are placed a maximum of 25.5 inches apart
  • Fusible link detection

Dual Agent Ansul PIRANHA System

AnsulGreenheck uses the Ansul® PIRANHA® fire suppression system when dual agent is specified and/or when there is a high chance of fire hazard, such as with doughnut fryers, solid fuel BBQ’s or smokers. The Ansul PIRANHA provides a one-two punch against fire by attacking it using the rapid flame knockdown and securing capabilities of PRX™ Liquid Fire Suppressant. Then, the superior cooling effects of water follow, cooling the cooking media below the reflash temperature within two minutes. The water also replenishes the foam blanket so that it can continue act as a suppressant.


  • Dual Agent
  • UL Listed
  • Only agent-plus-water fire suppression hybrid on the market
Downloadable Greenheck Literature
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Wet Chemical - Amerex KP Kitchen Fire Suppression Protection (377k)
Full Flood Wet Chemical - Amerex Zone Defense (370k)
Wet Chemical - Ansul R-102 (616k)
Dual Agent - Ansul - Piranha (452k)
Ansulex Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant Ansul (134k)
Mechanical Sealing Adaptors Ansul (101k)
PRX(tm) Liquid Fire Suppressant Extinguishing Data Sheet (31k)
Piranha Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Data Sheet (148k)
Fire Protection For Restaurant and Commercial Cooking Equipment (478k)
Code and Standard Compliance for Piranha (49k)
Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems (254k)
Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Data Sheet (Model R102 Standard) (216k)
Amerex KP Agent Data Sheet (50k)
Specification Sheets:
Amerex Zone Defense (147k)
Amerex KP (81k)
Ansul Piranha Spec (96k)
Ansul R102 Spec (89k)

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