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Centrifugal Roof Upblast and Sidewall Exhaust Fans

The Centrifugal Roof Upblast and Sidewall Exhaust Fans include both direct and belt driven fans with backward inclined centrifugal wheels. The motors on the fans are out of the airstream. The fans are suitable for applications ranging from storage room to fume hood exhaust and kitchen grease exhaust to smoke control.

Series C includes Models:
CUE, CUBE - Roof Mounted
CW, CWB - Sidewall Mounted

product photo Series C spun aluminum fans are specifically designed for roof mounted (CUE/CUBE) or wall mounted (CW/CWB) applications. Contaminated or grease laden exhaust air can be discharged directly upward, away from the roof surface or discharged out and away from building walls. The fans feature a one piece windband continuously welded to curb cap and double studded isolators for true vibration isolation. Capacities range from 70 to 30,000 cfm and up to 5.0 in. wg.



H-CUE and H-CUBE spun aluminum fans are designed specifically for high wind and hurricane zones. These roof mounted fans are third party certified to 150 MPH wind loads requiring no tie downs to the roof. Contaminated or grease laden exhaust air is discharged directly upward away from the roof surface. These fans feature a one-piece windband continuously robotically welded to the curb cap ensuring grease tightness. Capacities range from 70 to 15,000 cfm and up to 5.0 in. wg.

Model S-CUBE

S-Cube The S-CUBE is a spun aluminum fan specifically designed for Emergency Smoke Control Systems. This fan is UL/cUL Listed for 500°F for 4 hours and 1,000°F for 15 minutes. Capacities range from 200 cfm to 30,000 cfm and up to 2.75 in. wg.


Model USGF

product imageThe Ultimate Steel Grease Fan, model USGF is the ideal fan for heavy grease exhaust applications as stated in NFPA's Chapter 11 restaurants and food service where high amounts of grease and/or solid fuels are used like charbroilers, solid fuel cooking, and oriental cooking Constructed of steel, the model USGF includes a non-stick coated steel wheel, steel windband, steel curb cap, and steel motor compartment. Standard features include UL-762, a heat baffle, clean-out port, dual belt and pulley system, and a mounted and wired NEMA-3R disconnect switch. The unit is powder coated for protection. Capacities range from 350 to 7000 cfm and up to 3.25 in. wg.


product image The TCBRU is a belt drive upblast roof exhaust fan which features a necked down windband section which creates high outlet velocities to carry contaminated exhaust away from nearby make-up air units. Capacities range from 360 to 24,000 cfm and up to 4.5 in. wg.


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Series C Roof Upblast and Sidewall Centrifugal Exhaust Fans (Models CUE, CW, CUBE, CWB, CUBE-HP, CWB-HP, CUBE-XP) (7.20M)
Promo High Wind & Hurricane Zone Fans (H-G, H-GB, H-CUE & H-CUBE) (1,412k)
Centrifugal Roof Upblast Exhaust Fans (Models H-CUE/H-CUBE) (5.34M)
Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Tri-fold (Model CUBE) (123k)
Power Ventilators in Smoke Control Systems (Model S-CUBE) (2749k)
The Ultimate Steel Grease Fan (Model USGF) (2.6M)
Tubular Centrifugal Fans (Models TCB/TCBRU/TCBRS) (429k)
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals:
Model CUE/CUBE (#471560) (906k)
Model H-CUE/H-CUBE (#471563) (1039k)
Model CW/CWB (#457691) (699k)
Model S-CUBE (#460524) (94k)
Model USGF (#462077) (1006k)
Model TCB/TCBRU/TCBRS (#456557) (69k)
Belt Drive, Model CUBE (628k)
Belt Drive, Model H-CUBE (625k)
Belt Drive, Model S-CUBE (623k)
Belt Drive, Model CWB (617k)
Belt Drive, Model USGF (621k)
Direct Drive, Model CUE (623k)
Direct Drive, Model H-CUE (626k)
Direct Drive, Model CW (606k)
Spanish Version
Series C Roof Upblast and Sidewall Centrifugal Exhaust Fans (Models CUE, CW, CUBE, CWB, CUBE-HP, CWB-HP, CUBE-XP) (2.4M)
Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manuals:
Model CUE (35k)
Model CUBE (79k)
Model CW and CWB (540k)

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