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HVAC Duty Centrifugal Fans

The HVAC Duty Centrifugal Fans, series 21, utilizes Greenheck's exclusive air-tight Perma-Lock seam up through size 49. This feature is less expensive while maintaining the performance of all welded construction. Sizes 54 - 73 have all welded housings.

Models BISW/AFSW: Single Width

Operated in a broad range of fan applications, typically in ducted systems. Versatile construction options allow use in environments which require spark resistance, high temperature tolerance, or resistance to corrosive elements.

Models BIDW/AFDW: Double Width

Operated in non-ducted inlet applications, primarily handling clean air at ambient temperatures. Higher volume capacities allow for a more compact system design than with single width fans.


If your application requires real time flow measurement, the Sure-Aire is a great accessory to include.  The Sure-Aire provides the benefits of traditional flow probes which are placed in the airstream, but with the Sure-Aire's non-invasive design, fan performance is not affected.  For more information about the Sure-Aire system, including a head-to-head comparison video, click here.

Greenheck's Total Centrifugal Fan Package

Greenheck offers a complete fan package including your choice of

  • Motors and Drives
  • Mounting Bases and Vibration Isolation
  • Dampers for Centrifugal Fans
  • Protective Coatings
  • Safety Guards and Weatherhoods

The advantages of buying a complete fan package from Greenheck include proper selection, design, testing, and manufacturing.

Downloadable Greenheck Literature
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Series 21 & 41 Centrifugal Fans (3605k)
Sure-Aire Flow Monitoring Station (571k)
Marine Products - Dampers, Louvers and Fans (899k)
Dampers for Centrifugal Fans (622k)
Mounting Bases and Vibration Isolation (742k)
Performance Supplement:
Centrifugal Fan Performance Supplement - Single Width (6.2M)
Centrifugal Fan Performance Supplement - Double Width (6.2M)
Airfoil, Single Width Belt Drive, AFSW-21 (1235k)
Backward Inclined, Single Width Belt Drive, BISW-21 (1238k)
Airfoil, Double Width Belt Drive, AFDW-21 (1236k)
Backward Inclined, Double Width Belt Drive, BIDW-21 (1236k)
Sure-Aire Flow Monitoring Station (1242k)
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals:
Centrifugal Fan Manual (#463687) (935k)
Isolation Assembly Instructions (#468646) (535k)
Portuguese Version - Centrifugal Fan (422k)

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